Ruby Gemstone in Hong Kong Auctions

Do you know why ruby has always caught our attention and why we love it since generations? It is certainly not just its resplendent beauty, but also its said mystical properties and healing powers.

It is interesting to know that ruby is believed to bestow the wearer with luck and prosperity. More importantly, it is known for bringing passionate love to the couple, when they exchange ruby engagement rings. Probably, this is the reason why Mark Zuckerberg, one of the co-founders of Facebook picked a ruby ring for his Asian American wife. Another important power associated with ruby is that, it is said to control blood pressure of the wearer.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

Ruby’s glamour and velvety red color has impressed the buyers and bidders around the world. This is why the upcoming auctions in Hong Kong features ruby jewels, which will be center of attraction. Let’s check them out:

Christie’s Auction:
Scheduled for June 2nd, the auction will sell around 300 jewels. The ones, which will lead the show, are as follows.


1)    Set in 18K white gold, the necklace from Etcetera is encrusted with diamonds, oval and cushion-shaped rubies. The necklace is estimated to be bid for $7.25 Million and $11.4 Million.

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2)    A Burmese pigeon’s blood red ruby and forever brilliant diamond ring from Etcetera is another highlight. Its pre-sale estimated value ranges between $1.55 Million to $2.33 Million.

3)    A multi-gem necklace is another jewel, which will be a showstopper. Green Jadeite, red ruby and dazzling diamonds are mounted on 18K white gold. This is estimated to be auctioned from $3.62 Million to $4.92 Million.

Bonham’s Auction:
This auction will take place on June 3rd and without any further ado, let’s check out ruby jewels to be auctioned here.

Bonham’s Auction for june 2015


1)    Burmese pigeon’s blood red ruby and diamond three stone ring. It is noticeable that this quality of ruby is acclaimed over the world.

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