Taylor Sees ‘Red’, so is Ruby Her Lucky Gem!

July may be over but it seems that the passion for red, the color of July birthstone ruby is still on. Country crooner Taylor Swift announced that her new New Album is ‘Red’ and it will hit the shelves on October 22. Giving the details why she chose name ‘Red’she said that emotions like intense love, jealousy, intense frustration are red. According to her there is nothing beige about any of these feelings and so the red color of rubies can be the best gift for people experiencing these “red” emotions.

Taylor Swift  & Conor Kennedy Announced Her New Album 'Red'

Rubies are always seen as a symbol of intense love and can be the perfect thing for the singer who had an action-packed weekend with the Kennedy clan in Hyannisport. Reports are that she has spent a cool $5 million to buy a house next door to her new boyfriend Conor Kennedy.

taylor swift & Her Boyfriends Cool $5 Million To Buy A House

On the weekend, Taylor was seen wearing a red polka-dot bikini top as red is now Taylor’s new favorite shade. Speculations are rife that this new album will have some reference to her new romance with the Kennedy scion.

Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy

Talking to her fans as well as 65000 people who had tuned into her official YouTube channel she said that everyone knows that she tends write songs on love-related things and this album is no different. According to her this new CD is about the crazy intense, tumultuous, semi-toxic relationships, that she has experienced in the last two years.

Taylor Swift's 65000 Fans

The first song of the album is dedicated to her ex-boyfriend and is bound to hit the chords with the fans with a catchy line “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together”.

Taylor Swift's First Song of the Album is Dedicated to Her Ex-Boyfriend

What do you think of Taylor’s new romance, do you think it will work or it will have the same fate as her previous relationships with Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Joe Jonas.

Jake GyllenhaalTaylor LautnerJohn MayerJoe Jonas

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