The Blush of Ruby Jewelry

The radiant red color that the gemstone ruby displays, is beautiful to such an extent that ruby is called the king of the gemstone kingdom. It is fiery red and people compare it to the beauty of the roses. The ruby looks fantastic with the combination of dazzling diamonds. It is also loved so much due to the fact that it is a very durable stone and it is next only to the diamonds when it comes to hardness. It measures 9 on Mohs scale. Ruby is the perfect representation of love and romance; its color says it all.

The Blush of Ruby Jewelry

It is interesting to know that ruby is considered to give positive energy to the wearer and bring luck and love to him. It is also considered lucky if the lovers exchange the ruby engagement rings. People in some cultures believe that due to its red color, it is associated directly with the blood of the body and wearing it can help in proper circulation of the blood. It is also believed that it helps in proper functioning of the physical heart of the wearer.

Simpson sister Ashlee Simpson's Ruby Engagement Ring

Even the Hollywood celebrities are not behind in loving this gem and they have time and again flaunted them in their jewelry. The latest examples of the ardent lovers of ruby are of Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson. Both of them wear Ruby engagement rings. The combination of their rings leaves us speechless. The rosy red rubies and the start twinkling diamonds bound the onlookers to gaze them.

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