The Essential Tips for Cleaning a Ruby Jewelry

Ruby has fascinated people with its radiant color, brilliance and hardness. If you go out to a jewelry boutique, a range of sparkling red ruby jewelry will leave you astounded. Whether it is blood red in color or slight pink, the beauty of the gemstone has kept us intrigued for ages. If you are an ardent lover of this gem, you will always desire that the brilliance of the stone stays the same for years to come.


Like any other gemstone, ruby too has a chance of getting cracked due to any blunt impact or dull when exposed to dirt and greasy things. Many of us wonder if the brilliance of the ruby jewelry can be retained. There are a few simple cleaning tips that you can follow to keep the brightness of your ruby bracelet, ring or necklace intact.


It is advisable to wear your ruby jewelry before applying lotions, perfumes and sprays. This will possibly prevent accumulation of film on your jewelry. This will keep your ruby jewelry bright.

1. A mixture of mild liquid soap and warm water is the best solution to apply to remove the dirt. A gentle scrub using a soft toothbrush restores the brightness in your stone. Clean with warm water and then dry it with a lint-free cloth to get the results.


2. You can also use specially formulated solutions that are available in the department stores for cleaning ruby jewelry. But make sure that the solution does not have adverse affect on the metal of the jewelry.

3. You can also opt for ultrasonic cleaning, a modern technique of removing the dirt from ruby jewelry. This technique uses high frequency sound waves along with water and other solutions to remove accumulated dirt from the jewelry.


4. Make sure to store your rubies in a separate compartment of a good jewelry box. Keeping your ruby jewelry with other gemstones might cause scratches on it.

If you feel that your ruby jewelry has been mishandled or the rubies need to be tightened, then take it to the jewelry store. It is advisable to take your ruby jewelry for periodic checkups, if you wear it regularly.


So, it is not so difficult to take care of your precious gemstone. An occasional cleaning and maintenance can revive the brightness and color of your ruby jewelry.

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