Tips to Buy Ruby Jewelry

The fiery red color and luscious sparkle of rubies appeal us and captivate our attention. Their classy fascination makes them one of the most sought after gemstones of the gemstone kingdom. From Royal Houses to Hollywood celebrities, no one can resist the desire of owning a remarkable ruby jewelry.

ruby jewelryJust like any other gemstone, ruby jewelry too, has some buying tips. These should certainly be kept in mind while making a purchase. Let’s check them out:

1)    Color of rubies should be considered. Color of these gems can vary from light red to dark maroon. The one which is most loved by people is a dark red color, often known as ‘pigeon’s blood red color’.

2)    Clarity of the gemstone directly influences its price. Natural rubies are judged by gemologists by their ‘eye-clean’ aspect. Normally, natural rubies will have some inclusions, and if it doesn’t have, then either it is very rare or can be treated or synthetic.

Ruby Gemstone Color3)    Cut in any gemstone furnishes its brilliance. Generally, while cutting ruby gemstone, the cutter keeps in mind these things- It should maximize its color, minimize the inclusions and to reach the shape which customer demands for.

4)    Carat weight is another aspect that influences the price of the ruby gemstone. The larger the carat weight, the greater will be the price tag. As larger rubies are more valuable and rarer than smaller ones, you will definitely have to pay more.

We hope that above guidelines to buy ruby jewelry perfectly will help you get the desired jewelry the best way.

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