World Famous Rubies

Ruby, the renowned member of corundum family and sibling of sapphire, is one of the four precious stones that have been in vogue for generations.

It’s the red splendor of ruby that cast a spell on the onlookers and wearers equally. It’s not known when and how this gem came in contact with human civilization. But according to the ancient scraps ruby mining dates back to more than 2,500 years. And since then rubies are a must have part of jewelry especially for royals.

Sarah, Duchess of York’s ruby engagement ring

The world already knew the story behind Sarah, Duchess of York’s ruby engagement ring and we are also very familiar to the iconic collection of Legendary Elizabeth Taylor. But there are still few facts and figures that could amaze you.

Elizabeth Taylor Ruby Jewelry Collection

Let’s find out few of these interesting ruby tales which could add more sense to your next ruby shopping.

  • Ruby is second hardest gem with 9.0 on moh’s scale. That means it could be cut into any desired shape, set in any style and could be worn without any extra-special care. Loose Ruby
  • It’s a gem for wisdom, passion, love, romance and curiosity; therefore it has been an integral part of royal jewels. The-Hope-Ruby-ring-Chaumet-Lily-Safra-Collection-Christies
    A cushion cut Burmese ruby and diamond ring of 32.04 carat holds the record of highest ruby sold ever. This ring from the collection of philanthropist Lily Safra was auctioned at Christie’s and fetched $6.7million.
  • Smithsonian Institute houses the Rosser Reeves star ruby which is considered to be the largest star ruby in existence. This 137-carat cabochon star ruby was insured in 1966 for the sum of $150,000. 002452
    Another famous ruby in history is the Edwardes Ruby that weighs 167 carats. The gem was named for Major General Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes who saved the British rule in India during the years of mutiny. It was donated by John Ruskin to the British Museum of Natural History in 1887.

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