Heart Ruby and Round Diamond Twisted Pendant

heart ruby and round diamond twisted pendant A beautiful glowing red heart that sits right next to your very own is a feeling of pure joy and that is exactly what you will feel when you wear this unique and beautiful looking pendant that is set with a heart shaped ruby in a style and design that will simply take your breath away. This is one gem that is famed for its regal appeal and its rich red color that is capable of transforming any piece of jewelry into something stunning and worth noticing.

This radiant gem is also considered to be symbolic of love and passion so when it comes in a heart shape it actually signifies all this and more. The tiny round diamond also makes its presence felt in this piece with its twinkling charm and lights up this piece wonderfully. The most arresting and eye catching part is the bale where the white gold has been given a little twirl creating a loveliness that makes this piece stand apart.

This charming heart ruby and round diamond twisted pendant is something you will always cherish and all facets of this piece combine to make a really pretty picture. The white gold is the perfect choice of metal as it lends its own beauty to the stones making them come alive with color and sparkle. In a nutshell this is something that will always help you make an impression each time you wear it.

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