Heart Ruby Solitaire Pendant

Heart Ruby Pendant Matters of the heart are really special and try as you may you cannot resist falling prey to the heady feeling that comes along with it. Before you come to any conclusions let me tell you I’m talking about this irresistible piece of jewelry, this lovely heart shaped pendant that boasts of a gorgeous and rich red colored ruby. This is one stone that has forever been associated with love and passion so when it signifies these very aspects in such a delightful way, you can barely resist it.

You are bound to feel a strong attraction for this piece at the very first look besides since it comes in this particular style of jewelry it is actually nestled very close to your heart and the warm color of the gem glows in all its glory each time you wear it. What looks most striking is the setting that has been very well selected.

It is due to the bezel setting that a fine rim of metal runs all along the stone and not only provides protection to it but also makes it look pretty and chic. In spite of being simple there is something very attractive about this piece. The white gold of course lends its own luster to the gem accentuating its color all the more. Perfect for casual wear you are sure to receive many appreciative glances each time you flaunt this solitaire ruby heart shaped pendant. 

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