Oval Ruby and Diamond Pendant

Oval Ruby and Diamond Pendant Don’t you feel absolutely thrilled when you chance upon something that happens to be a favorite but comes with a whole new look that is beautiful and eye catching? Well when you relate this to jewelry you will feel even more excited especially when you see this absolutely splendid looking pendant that has a design to boast of and stones that together create magic. Yes the oval red ruby deservingly catches every bit of attention and stands out with its fascinating beauty and regal appeal.

Oval Ruby and diamond Pendant                                  Ruby Pendant

Adding to that is the dazzling presence of two diamonds that are very strategically placed on either side of the radiant red beauty and they wonderfully add a glow to the already gorgeous hue. The camaraderie between the stones is something worth watching and they complement one another beautifully. However the most fascinating aspect of the piece is the design that has a lovely play of metal that not only adds dimension to the piece making it look more prominent but also gives a whole new touch that is completely charming.

The white gold of course plays a very crucial role and its presence not only makes the piece look distinctive but also allows the gems to bask in their beauty. In a nutshell this is a look that cannot be easily missed and irrespective of what you’re wearing one thing is for certain, you will always stand out with this incredible ruby and diamond pendant.

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