Oval Ruby and Diamond Vintage Pendant

If you want to look gorgeous and your very best then all you need to do is reach out for the right kind of jewelry. Trust me you can make a mark in no better way than this. If you have an important or special occasion coming up make people stop in their tracks and take notice. All you have to do is wear this impressive and gorgeous looking pendant. One look and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

14K White Gold Oval Ruby and Diamond Vintage PendantWearing Ruby Diamond Pendant14K Yellow Gold Oval Ruby and Diamond Vintage Pendant

The sheer grandeur of the stones and setting gives it a class and splendor of its own. The rich red oval shaped ruby cannot be missed and is sure to capture every bit of the attention it rightly deserves. The dazzling rim of diamonds surrounding this stunning stone adds a brilliance that is beyond words and you will be awed by the fine blend of color and sparkle in this single piece.

The interesting twist and a touch of distinction lies in the diamond encrusted bale that further enhances the shimmer of this exquisite piece. Trust me by wearing this single piece of jewelry you can actually stand out and make heads turn. The regal impact of this rich colored stone earns it much love and adulation across the world and no woman can resist its gorgeous beauty and mesmerizing impact. In the company of the fine diamonds the color and loveliness of the gem looks even more accentuated and majestic.

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