Oval Ruby and Round Diamond V-Bale Pendant

The craze of wearing ruby gemstone jewelry has never faded and they have been in use since the times immemorial. When this wonderful red gemstone is combined with the diamonds, the beauty is beyond description!

The “Oval Ruby and Round Diamond V-Bale Pendant” exhibits the seductive charm. An oval shaped red ruby is topped by three sparkling diamonds of round shape. The prong set ruby stone has four qualities for you to choose from. The heirloom quality and the good, better, best quality, all show different color and brilliance. The heirloom quality ruby gem shows exceptionally rich red color and high brilliance. This wonderful quality is found only at the top jewelry boutiques of the world.Ruby Ring, Earring, Pendant Set

The option to choose the carat weight of the stone makes it even interesting. This will affect the size of the stone as well as the price of the pendant. You can also choose the type of metal. Opt for the white metal or the yellow one, the pendant is sure to look sensuous and scintillating.

There is a special surprise with this pendant. An 18 inch long chain is shipped absolutely free with this pendant. You can also team it up with “The Classique Ring” and the “Oval Ruby and Diamond Earrings” and shine in the red glamour!

You will find yourself looking very special and stunning when you adorn yourself with the ruby jewelry. Let this red color of ruby speak of your style and sophistication!

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