Round Ruby and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Round Ruby and Diamond Pendant If you are someone who fancies jewelry that looks pretty but is not too ornate then I am certain you will love this lovely ruby and diamond v bale pendant. Now this is one variety of jewelry that is a sure attention grabber and even if it looks simple and basic like this piece it will still manage to grab eyeballs. The most attractive facet of this piece is the beautiful round ruby that emanates its rich red color in the most attractive way possible.

This classic shape of the stone only helps in accentuating this regal hue and while you remain mesmerized with this beauty you cannot help but feel drawn towards the solitary diamond that twinkles right above this resplendent gem. In spite of being a tiny version as compared to the ruby the diamond does its very best in sending flashes of light to this glowing red stone. The total effect is something worth noticing and falling in love with.

Another interesting feature of this charming piece is the v bale that lends a whole new look and distinction to this piece. In total the effect is something that you will not easily miss. So no matter what occasion you wear it for or what clothes you pair it with this wonderful looking piece will never disappoint you.

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