Round Ruby Solitaire Pendant Gift for Her

Who doesn’t like to dress up and look pretty but whether you admit it or not there are times when we do go overboard and simply ruin an otherwise perfect look just by wearing too much, whether make up, jewelry or accessories. The trick to look good is to sometimes keep it minimalistic and optimum so never forget that more often than not less is more. So the next time you’re dressing up instead of reaching out for a flashy and ornate piece of jewelry opt for something more subtle and simple and you will see how lovely it will make you look.

Round Ruby Bezel-Set Pendant Round Ruby Bezel-Set Pendant

A wonderful example is this charming round ruby bezel set pendant that is extremely elegant and has this gorgeous solitaire stone in a classic round shape. The simplicity of the design and style gives it an edge that many a time’s very detailed pieces also cannot provide. The rich color of the stone is highlighted due to the classic and traditional shape of it and the bezel setting gives it a distinction and makes this otherwise plain piece look stylish.

The best thing is that you can pair it with almost anything in your wardrobe. While it looks great with any casual outfit during the day you will be surprised to see how apt it looks as an evening wear as well. The white gold setting makes this piece look even more attractive especially the sheath of metal that runs around the stone.

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