Ruby Heart Jewelry


Ruby-Heart-Journey-Pendant-in-14k-Yellow-Gold-(1.5---3.2-mm)_ANY0360R_RegLove is undoubtedly the most beautiful emotion that a heart feels and none expresses it better than a heart itself. Heart symbol has been used for many centuries as a symbol of human soul.

Gifting heart jewelry is an endearing way of expressing your love, affection and sincerity to your loved one. Heart jewelry is one of those jewelry that is much popular for its delicate design as well as the underlying meaning.

These romantic symbols have been part of all Round-Ruby-Key-Pendant-in-14K-White-Gold_SPW0599R_Regkinds of jewelry, whether it be pendant, ring, earring or charms; heart is much loved in all of them. This much coveted symbol is also a shape that many gemstones are cut into.

Heart journey pendant – Journey pendants have gained much popularity in last few years. A journey pendant stands for the time that you have spent with your loved ones. Journey pendant come in a variety of designs, but heart journey pendants with their delicate design are loved the most.

Heart key pendant – Key pendants have become a rage in the youngsters. The pendant is loved for chic style that combines elegance with style. This stunning ruby heart key pendant in 14K white gold is priced at just $ 399. A small amount for what you get.

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  • July 2, 2010


    I like these designs.