Three Stone By Yard Ruby Chain Necklace Pendant

There are times you really don’t like to overdo but yet want to look pretty, feminine and elegant. For times like this you need jewelry that looks optimum and lovely and what can be a better choice than this charming chain in yellow gold. A little deviation is always good and that is what this piece is all about. So where you expect the somber look of a chain you are surprised by sudden flashes of bright red rubies that are strewn in wonderfully at regular interims in this round ruby by yard chain.


The three glowing and rich hued beauties give a whole new dimension to an otherwise ordinary piece and the total effect is one of subtle beauty and load of magic. If you’re someone who is particularly fond of these ravishing gems then this is a look that will never disappoint you and just by donning this single piece of classy and stylish jewelry you can manage to make heads turn.

The round shape of the stones definitely highlights their warm and gorgeous color and their strategic positioning draws every bit of attention. Whether you choose to wear it for a casual outing or a special evening out this lovely piece will always leave its mark. The glow of the yellow gold gives it a distinctiveness that is hard to miss. In a nutshell this is a beauty that you must always treasure.

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