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Ruby Wedding Bands for Him

You have to agree with me on this fact that whenever we explore jewelry stores whether online or offline or when we read about wedding jewelry, the gemstone ruby always comes into the picture. In addition to this, most of the times they talk about this intense red gem in women engagement or wedding bands. But, today I am here to enlighten you with the uniqueness of ruby in men’s rings.

Mens Ruby Wedding Band

Being the symbol of royalty and loyalty, the redness of this stone can give a dapper and individualistic look on a man’s finger. Even though there is a tradition of wearing a simple and plain metal band by men, but taking a step outside the custom makes you win attention and praises. Furthermore, adding this red beauty in men’s wedding bands won’t give it a gaudy appearance; in fact, you set a laudable trend for the Generation X.

There are some handsome ring styles for men, like a single red stone band, square and round rubies sloping in a plain band, channel-set round reds in men’s wedding band, and many others. These rings add an aristocratic and dashing effect in a man’s personality.

Ruby Wedding Bands For Him

Your man will love you more for being so thoughtful about choosing a ruby wedding band for him, which can make him standout in his group of friends. This is a real special feeling for every boy to be noticeable in his social circle. Also, as per beliefs about ruby, you can be assured of a flourishing love bond with him. So, just grab this chance to be the reason of his pride and joy by choosing an exclusive red band for him.

Ruby Ring Choice of Everyone

The beautiful and velvety color of the red roses has allured the hearts of women since ages and they enjoy the same hue in their jewelry when the royal ruby gemstone is studded in them.

Ruby Rings

The ruby rings are one of the most loved rings all over the world and not only the commoners, but even the Hollywood actresses and the Royal family members have chosen the ruby studded rings to be the symbol of their love and engagement.

Red Ruby Rings

If you too, are an ardent lover of this hue and this gemstone, then check out the large collection of “Ruby Rings” at You will find a 24/7 assistance with our customer care executives and we are sure that you will find a beautiful ring for you!

Round Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring

If your engagement is approaching near and you are hunting for a beautiful ring, which also suits your pocket, then we bring you the best option.

The Classic Three Stone Ring” is one of the best seller rings at the store and the evergreen three stone setting makes it look stunning. This design and style of ring has been very popular among the masses since a very long time. Even the Royals and the celebrities have shown their love for this kind of rings when it comes to their engagement. Round Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring

The use of central ruby stone, sided by a sparkling diamond on each side makes it a symbol of past, present and future. Not only for its bewitching beauty, but this ring is also popular for its pocket friendly features.

You can get this ring in your budget as the store provides with the feature of getting it personalized. The size of the ring and the stone can be decided by choosing the carat weight of the gem. This will also affect the cost factor. The price will go higher along with the carat weight. You can also choose the quality of the stone (heirloom, good, better, best). The heirloom quality exhibits deep rich color and high brilliance. This stone can be lovingly passed over to your future generations as well, who will fondly value the ancestral treasure. There are other stone quality options, if at all this slips out of your budget.

You can also choose the metal type (silver, gold, platinum). Please be careful and study about your partner’s choice in metals as most of the women have a very clear taste about white gold or the yellow one.

Round Ruby and Diamond Seven Stone Ring

What can you possibly say in praise of the most gorgeous and regal looking gemstone that has an aura that cannot be explained in words and when this very beauty is set in a stunning piece of jewelry it definitely evokes a sense of awe as well as a desire to make it your own. This charming seven stone ring that is set with the regal red rubies has an appeal that cannot be missed and the company of the brilliant diamonds only adds to its loveliness. Round Ruby and Diamond seven Stone RingSo where on one hand you have these rich colored gems, there are the dazzling rocks right next to them and the combination of color and light is absolutely breathtaking. The stones create a wonderful pattern as they are alternately leading to a fine balance of shimmer and hue. The white gold setting of course adds a further glow to the piece.

From a casual and chic look to a sophisticated and elegant beauty, you can get the result you exactly want from this pretty piece for it can be worn any way and the effect will be as attractive each time. All you need to do is pair it with the right outfit to create the look you want. Like few other pieces this is one that will never fail you and you will always manage to look your prettiest best with this lovely looking piece.

Why to Buy Ruby Rings

The festive season is over and we are again back to work. I had a lot of fun and food and enjoyed my shopping for Christmas and New Year. But do we really need any reason to shop a sparkling bling like ruby ring? Of course not! Still if you think you need a reason to satisfy you random thoughts then I’ll give you plenty of them.

Imagine a ruby in the center of a diamond circle setting on a split shank. The time I imagined it I tempted to get a ruby ring of such a classic style. Ruby is the second hardest stone with 9 on hardness scale. It is the member of corundum mineral family and holds a high esteem among royalties, celebrities and jewelry lovers.

Sarahs Ring

It comes in many shades of red ranging from light to intense and deep red. Flawless rubies are very rare and expensive. Mostly rubies are heat treated to enhance their clarity and color. It is a very common practice and does not affect the stone’s quality.

The red color of ruby signifies passion, love and strength. It states intimate feelings of warmth and compassion. A ruby ring is a lovely present for engagement. The royal families from different parts of the world had different stories associated with ruby jewelry. Queen Victoria had a ruby and diamond heart ring with small rubies studded in the crown of the ring. It was her wedding gift from her half sister Feodora.

Oval Ruby and Diamond RingsMarquise and Round Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Similarly Queen Mary’s marquise shaped diamond ring with rubies was a gift from her father-in-law. Princess Anna and Princess Margaret had selected ruby engagement rings for their special day.

If you see in recent times, Jessica Simpson has selected a 5 carat ruby and diamond engagement ring. And when we are talking about ruby we can’t leave Elizabeth Taylor’s ruby and diamond ring from Richard Burton which holds a pigeon blood red ruby of 8.24 carat.

Ruby rings symbolize the passionate and powerful personality. The coming season will have many more designs in ruby rings. Twisted bands, vintage style or the classic ruby solitaire, in every way ruby rings will cast spell on wearers and watchers.

With so many reasons you must be thinking to pick a piece of such a graceful charm for you. I told you there are enormous reasons to pick a ruby bling!

Ruby rings are the best gift for any occasion

Who doesn’t love gifts? Especially when a beautiful ruby ring is wrapped as a gift, no one can say no to it. The beauty and grace that ruby rings hold are out of this world. Ruby is known as the King of gems and is considered the gemstone of sun.

The Classic Three-Stone Ring

Its splendid color has been seducing the jewelry lovers from decades. Ruby is the symbol of love and romance so when you receive or give a ruby ring it means you are in love and respect the relation. You can find ruby rings in different settings and styles. Each style is unique and exclusively speaks about the emotions.

A ruby ring with diamond halo expresses the divine and heavenly emotions. And a sculpted ring or a signature ring speaks about the exotic style of the wearer. The radiance and elegance of ruby rings are aristocratic and admirable.

The Sculpted Ring

Though diamonds are brilliant but nothing can capture the passion of ruby. With their intense and sultry color and eminent settings ruby rings engender the warmth, love and trust of a relation and so are the best gifts for birthday, anniversary or wedding. Ruby is the symbol of youth and vitality and brings happiness and integrity. Rubies are the birthstone of July and are the gift for 15th and 40th anniversary but the bewitching charm of ruby jewelry makes it a present for lifetime.

A Ruby Rings is The Best Expression of Love

It’s not always necessary to use words to express feelings. There are certain things in the world that perfectly convey certain feelings. When it’s about the expression of love and passion, you can blindly rely on ruby rings. Ruby with its intense red is a symbol of love and passion. It radiates warmth and strong sense of vitality.


So when you desire to express your love to someone special, gifting a ruby ring is the righteous way to do so. Combine the fire and ice elements in your ring by choosing ruby and diamonds and nothing can compete with its loveliness and charm.

There are almost infinite styles available in ruby rings with unique appeal and fine variety. So whether you pick a solitaire flanked in white gold or a hefty platinum ring studded with ruby and diamonds or even an imperial or celebrity inspired ring, every form is expressive and exotic.


When in love, a heart shaped ruby ring helps a lot as it does much of the conversation on your behalf. Being so elegant, expressive and regal, a ruby ring makes a best gift for any occasion.

Ruby Three-Stone Rings

Classic and forever fashionable ruby three stone rings are one of the most elegant varieties of ruby jewelry. When three regal and resplendent red rubies are set alongside to create this remarkable piece of jewelry it definitely becomes extremely eye catching as well as glamorous and this is the reason why even today ruby three stone rings remain one of the most popular as well as coveted pieces of jewelry.

Pear Ruby and Diamond Three-Stone RingEmerald Cut Diamond and Ruby Three Stone Ring

The impact of ruby three stone ring is definitely beyond words and can be gauged only by the appreciative glances they command. Every form of the exclusive three stone ring look gorgeous and exquisite whether they are set alone with the rich red gemstones or in combination with the dazzling diamonds.

oval ruby and diamond three stone ringemerald cut ruby and diamond three stone ring

In a three stone ruby ring where there is a magnificent ruby center stone flanked by two shimmering diamond side stones on both sides; it creates the ultimate blend of color and luster and its beauty is unique and unparalleled. Similarly a ruby three stone ring where the ruby center stone is complemented by two more rubies in a slightly smaller size, in the same shape or in a different one also has an appeal of its own. In a nutshell three stone ruby rings are desirable in any form.

Ruby and Diamond – A Royal Combination

Love has no limits and expression of love has endless ways. The symbol of romance and devotion, Ruby is one of the best ways to express your true love and care for your special someone. And when it is combined with diamond, the duo leaves a marked impression. Ruby is the birthstone for July born and is an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

Victoria Lockwood Engagement Ring

The royal love for ruby is world famous. HRH Princess Anne chose a ruby and diamond ring for her engagement to Captain Mark Phillips, Charles Earl Spencer given a co-joined Ruby and Diamond heart shaped engagement ring to his wife Victoria Lockwood. And how can we forget one of the prettiest ruby and diamond rings given by Prince Andrew to his better half Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. The ring has a bright ruby in the center with mesmerizing diamonds around it.

Cushion Ruby and Diamond RingSarah Ferguson with Ruby Ring

Considered as the 15th and 40th anniversary gift, ruby has an ageless charm and is always one of the most preferred choices for engagement and wedding rings. The same royal combination of ruby and diamond is here in this Queens Ring that will surely set a new style testament.

A bold ruby is glorifying the center stage and the dazzling diamonds are surrounding it. The lovely and bright combination of the two leaves an expression of endless love, romance and loyalty. The ring is set in 14K yellow gold. This bold and beautiful cushion ruby and diamond ring is a royal way to express the emotions.

Twin Heart Ruby Ring


Rings have always been a gift that has been used to say and express when words often fail. Probably that is why the most important days of one’s life are marked by a gift of ring. They say as the band of a ring goes round, it symbolizes the endless love – your love for your loved one.

This mesmerizing piece of jewelry is perfect gift when you want to tell that special one your life how much you love her. The two beautiful heart shaped rubies in the ring are for two hearts that always want to be close to each other.

Diamonds surround the ruby and extend their down the shank adding brilliance and fire to the whole ensemble.

Huge Discount on Angara Ruby Jewelry