Her Ruby Engagement Ring Can Wait!

Julianne Hough says that she is in no hurry to walk down the aisle. This July born star has ruby as her birthstone, and so, a ruby engagement ring is a natural choice for her just as it is for Jessica Simpson. But it has to wait for some time now, as she wants to make the most of her new found success.

julianne-hough-burlesque Jessica Simpson with Ruby Engagement Ring

Things are going just right for this dancer-and-country singer as her career graph is showing an upward trend at this time. On the personal front, she is enjoying her time with Ryan Seacrest since 2010. In a recent interview the two-time champion of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars said that, she will take time before she decides to settle down and have kids. She is probably trying to dispel the rumors of her engagement here.

She also mentioned that she definitely wants to be a mom one day as she has four siblings and absolutely loves kids. But that will be sometime in the future. As for now, she wants to concentrate on her work. Julianne added that many magazines have announced her engagement several times. So she has decided to wave to the photographers with her left hand so that they can see that there is no ring on it. The most recent rumor making rounds is that, Julianne is planning to share place with Ryan after he goes down on one knee with a ring.

Julianne Hough in Footloose-movie-2011-19

Hough got her first role as the leading lady last year in the remake of “Footloose”, where she played the character Ariel. In the flick, she was cast opposite Kenny Wormald who played Ren McCormack. Hough is playing the role of Sherrie Christian in the latest movie adaptation of the Broadway musical “Rock of Ages”. According to reports, she had almost refused to be a part of this musical movie. What changed her mind is the fact that Tom Cruise will be her leading man here.


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