Lab Created Ruby Jewelry – Man made Perfection!

Emerald Cut Lab Created Ruby Ring in Sterling Silver

Are you looking for that perfect ring that you can wear to any occasion, a ring that would light up any occasion? But then a ring that doesn’t cost anything exorbitant. Trust me; this is the ring that you have been searching for.

Lab Created Ruby Ring in Hand

This ruby ring is something that you can truly call a man-made perfection. It showcases a huge 9 carats emerald cut lab created ruby. Lab-created gemstones are in the literal sense a stunning example of man-made perfection. They are made up of the same mineral composition as natural ones, only they are created in laboratories as compared to their natural counterparts. And, another thing that is so great about them is that is cost hardly anything when you compare to natural ones but look as stunning.

The lab created ruby in this ring is double prong set in Sterling Silver. The split shank and the wrap around wire on the band add a very unique appeal to the ring. A perfect accessory to add some fun to your outfit!

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