Oval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Oval Ruby and diamond Ring Who won’t like to possess a majestic piece of jewelry? Every woman dreams of having such jewelry in her wardrobe. The “Oval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Ring” is one of such most sought after pieces of jewelry.

The ring features a big, bold oval shaped ruby gemstone, surrounded by small diamonds. The prong set ruby stone can be chosen from among four qualities. The heirloom quality or the good, better and best quality are the ones which can be studded to the ring. The heirloom quality features deep rich red color and very high brilliance and it is the highest priced one. It is that quality which is found only at the top boutiques of the world. This quality gem can be fondly handed over to the next generations, who will in turn treasure this lovingly. You can choose from the other qualities, if this doesn’t fit your pocket size.

The store also lets you choose the carat weight of the gem which will decide the size of the ring and the metal type will change the look of the ring completely. Where the white metals will render it stylish looks, the yellow one shall make it look classy and sophisticated.

Whatever choices you make in above options, one thing is sure that you are going to enjoy wearing it and the onlookers will be giving it a second look! The use of 46 small round diamonds, give it unique style and appearance.

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