Oval Ruby Diamond Ring

Some say that an engagement ring speaks volume about the wearer. And, when the ring is something as stunning as this, the lady wearing it cannot be anything but someone who has the most modern ideas but has the most classic taste.

Oval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Ring

A gorgeous oval ruby radiates in all its glamour as the center stone of this ring. The oval cut makes sure that it brings out its exotic red color and mesmerizing brilliance. A sequence of round brilliant cut diamonds; provide a dazzling collar to the ruby at the center.

The split shank in the ring adds a beautiful twist to what otherwise might be a usual design. Crafted with great precision in 14K While Gold this Oval ruby diamond ring is something any girl would love to wear on her finger for all her life. All the gems are prong set to ensure that they securely at their respective places.

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