Popular Rubies that have Ruled Our Hearts

For thousands of years, ruby has been known as one of the most precious gemstones. Historically, India is regarded to be the land where rubies were first found. Often referred as ‘ratanraj’ in Sanskrit, which in itself means ‘king of the gemstones,’ the rulers considered it as one of the most valuable stones. The brilliance, vibrant color and excellent hardness make ruby the undisputed king of the gemstones.


Even today, ruby wins our hearts with its beauty and radiance. There are a few ruby jewelries in the world that have fetched millions of funds in auctions or when displayed in the museum have gathered thousands of spectators. Some of the ruby collections that are popular for its magnificence are as follows:

Elizabeth Taylor’s 8.24ct Ruby Ring


Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most favorite fashion icons and her vast jewelry collection was awe inspiring. Her collection went up for auction at Christie’s in 2011. Out of several ruby collections, the one particular jewelry that drew attention was 8.24 carat diamond encrusted ruby ring from Van Cleef & Arpels. This was a Christmas gift from Richard Burton. The ring was sold for over $4.2 million.

Carmen Lucia Ruby


Considered as most beautiful ruby, Carmen Lucia ruby is one of the largest and most precious. It was mined in the 1930s in the Mogok region of Burma. With rich color, it depicts high level of transparency. In honor of his wife Carmen Lucy, Peter Buck granted this 23.1 carats Burmese ruby to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of National History. Now, it is displayed in the Janet Anneberg Hooker Hall of Geology as a beautiful addition to the National Gem Collection.

DeLong Star Ruby


This 100.32 carats DeLong Star Ruby has a long, interesting story. The ruby was mined in the 1930s in Burma. Edith Haggin DeLong bought the ruby for $21,400 and bestowed it to the American Museum of National History, New York in 1937. For around 30 years, the beauty of the star ruby captivated the onlookers. In 1964, the DeLong Star ruby was stolen from the museum along with other famous gemstones. However, it was restored back in the museum, after John D. MacArthur negotiated with the thieves for a ransom of $25,000. This ruby, with such a colorful history, is a prize to watch.

Sunrise Ruby


Weighing 23.59 carats, the Sunrise Ruby is regarded as one of the most expensive rubies. Got its name from a poem by Rumi, a 13th century poet, it was designed by Cartier. This Burmese “pigeon blood” ruby was sold for $30million at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva to an unknown buyer.

These are just a few popular rubies that have enthralled the world not just with their beauty but also with their rich history. They are rightly described as most beautiful and unique treasure of the nature.

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