Reasons Why Ruby Rings are a Favorite

1. The Color Red – Lay your eyes on a ruby, and the red color of the gem will take your breath away. It is like no other red that you would have seen, its bold, its classy and its seductive. A rare combination – isn’t it!

2. King of Gemstones – In ancient times, the gem ruby was regarded as sacred. Ancient Sanskrit scripture term ruby as the king of gemstones.


3. July Birthstone – These stunning gemstones are held symbolic of love and passion.

4. Excellent Hardness – Rubies stand just next to diamonds on Mohs Scale of Hardness. This makes them a great option for everyday wear. So, if it is engagement rings or weddings, ruby rings and ruby rings with diamonds are a beautiful choice.

5. The gemstone of astrological sign Cancer and anniversary stone of 15th and 40th years of marriage.

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