Ruby Engagement Rings

Looking for an engagement ring that is not just a diamond ring, ruby engagement rings are a perfect choice. Given the stunning and vibrant red hue of ruby as well as the excellent brilliance and hardness of the gem, ruby rings make the most romantic engagement rings.

  1. Solitaire Ruby Ring – If your girl loves the color red or has ruby as her birthstone (July born) solitaire ruby ring can be a perfect choice for you.

    Pear Ruby and Diamond Border Ring

  2. Ruby ring with diamond border – Have a large rock of ruby at the center with diamonds collaring it. A perfect combination of classic and the contemporary.

    Round Ruby Three Stone Ring

  3. Three stone ruby ring – Three stone rings are a very popular design when it comes to engagement rings. The three rubies in this ring are representative of past, present or future or the time that you have spent with your loved one.

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