Ruby Engagement Rings for Wordless Expressions!

Thanks to the vibrant coloring, rubies have been considered the paramour of women! This stone from corundum family is known as the ‘King of Gems’. And since ancient times it has been associated with the most amorous emotions of humankind.

Rubies are the symbol of passion, love, devotion, integrity and happiness. Thus, they are best for a proposal for lifetime. The molten-red brilliance of ruby signifies warmth and life in a relation. all these traits of ruby makes it a perfect engagement ring stone.

Emerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Three Stone RingPear Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Even if we look back into the history, ruby was the stone of monarchy. Queen Victoria was given a ruby and diamond ring as a wedding gift. Princess Anna selected a ruby ring for her engagement and another ruby engagement ring was of Fergie, Duchess of York which was gifted by Prince Andrew. Ruby rings have also been used as coronation rings in the England monarchy.

The association of ruby engagement rings with love, romance and passion make them a desirable piece of heart. Rubies are the stone of nobility and ruby engagement rings have been said to bring energy and light with contentment and peace to the couples’ life.

Round Ruby and Diamond Three Stone RingRound Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring

If you want a ring with bygone era looks, then antique ruby engagement rings are the best choice for you. With a sense of history these rings carry the grace of timeless elegance and endless charm. A classic ruby ring with enticing setting and alluring design always makes a notable appeal.

In different styles with amazing shapes and settings, ruby engagement rings really create marked difference. They not only show off the heartiest emotions in a brilliant manner but also make a stately style statement.

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