Split Shank Ruby Ring

Split Shank – Redefine Fashion!

Loved for their brilliant red hue, showcase one of the most valuable of the gemstone. In ancient Sanskrit scriptures, the gemstone was referred to as ‘Ratanraj’ or the king of gemstones.

Oval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Rings

Ruby have always fascinated women with their vibrant red color. A ring such as this displays a stunning combination of style and sophistication. The center stone is an oval which is beautifully prong set and surrounded one small round diamond on each side.

Oval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank RingsOval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Rings

This Oval ruby and diamond split shank ring is a best seller at . The ring has very simple unique design. Split shank and the two diamonds that surround the ruby at the center lend an inimitable grace to the ring.

A stunning gift that cannot go wrong on any occasion! This ring has a quality that unlike any other ring it can smoothly transit from a casual wear to formal wear. A ring to complement your every whim!

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