Ruby Rings- Epitome of Love and Romance!

Time and again the celebrities and the Royal Ladies have flaunted off their fiery red ruby rings. Needless to mention, the red rings look mesmerizing and sensuous and give the wearer a charming look.

Be it be the celebs like Jessica Simpson who wears her 5 carat classic ruby engagement ring elegantly, or like Diane Kruger who wears the diamond and ruby ring on THAT finger, but not in a mood to reveal the secret behind it; one thing that is common is the perfect choice of the gemstone for the ring!

engagement ring

If we search the pages of history, the name of the gorgeous actress Elizabeth Taylor will come out to be the ardent lover of this gem as well. Along with her sapphire jewelry, the ruby jewelry formed the important part of her wardrobe. Her famous ruby and diamond necklace is worth praise.

ruby and diamond necklace

Besides the irresistibly attractive beauty of the gem, there are few more things which allure the hearts of so many to wear the glamorous ruby gemstone jewelry. It is said that the wearer of the gem is bestowed with love, confidence, prosperity and good luck.  Thus, we can conclude saying that the ruby rings and other jewelry will not only add charm to our personality but also bestow us with certain said gifts.

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