Ruby Three-Stone Rings

Classic and forever fashionable ruby three stone rings are one of the most elegant varieties of ruby jewelry. When three regal and resplendent red rubies are set alongside to create this remarkable piece of jewelry it definitely becomes extremely eye catching as well as glamorous and this is the reason why even today ruby three stone rings remain one of the most popular as well as coveted pieces of jewelry.

Pear Ruby and Diamond Three-Stone RingEmerald Cut Diamond and Ruby Three Stone Ring

The impact of ruby three stone ring is definitely beyond words and can be gauged only by the appreciative glances they command. Every form of the exclusive three stone ring look gorgeous and exquisite whether they are set alone with the rich red gemstones or in combination with the dazzling diamonds.

oval ruby and diamond three stone ringemerald cut ruby and diamond three stone ring

In a three stone ruby ring where there is a magnificent ruby center stone flanked by two shimmering diamond side stones on both sides; it creates the ultimate blend of color and luster and its beauty is unique and unparalleled. Similarly a ruby three stone ring where the ruby center stone is complemented by two more rubies in a slightly smaller size, in the same shape or in a different one also has an appeal of its own. In a nutshell three stone ruby rings are desirable in any form.

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