The Do’s and Don’ts for your New Year Eve Proposal

You’ve been considering it for a while and are wondering which will be the perfect moment to pour your heart to her. With the New Year spirit ringing high now’s the time. A New Year Eve proposal is always very special so why not plan one. Do everything it takes to make it an extraordinary moment and one that she will always hold close to her heart. Just so you don’t fumble or stumble here’s a list of dos and don’ts that will help you sail through your New Years Eve proposal brilliantly.

New Years Proposal Engagement Ring

The first thing that comes to mind is where to do it. This of course is a very intimate you both will be sharing so make sure it is not a very crowded place. For all you know in the midst of all the noise and people she may not even be able to gather what you’re saying. So make sure you do it somewhere romantic and private. If you do wish to let it be in the midst of an event say a game then make sure you inform the staff with clear instructions of what you want for example play her favorite song or flash a picture on the screen.

More often than not it is best to propose without a crowd around so avoid doing it with a large number of friends or family. Understand that it is something very personal that should be between to both to begin with. Cherish the beauty and bliss of the moment. However make sure you do let your family and close friends know but you can always take your time and not rush. They will share your happiness only take your time to do it.

Perfect New Years Proposal for Her

In case you have been delving about your proposal and have completely forgotten about the ring, it’s time to wake up. Since you’re planning it all so well, why not also have the perfect ring to mark the moment. Pick one that is spectacular and what complements her. Also take into account her taste in jewelry and most importantly get to know her correct ring size. You can choose from dazzling diamonds, vibrant gemstones or a heady blend of both.

Proposing makes anybody nervous so take a deep breath and relax, don’t allow her to sense your jitters. Just play it cool all along and when the timing is perfect on New Year Eve, go ahead and propose to her.

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