The Halo Ring

Every piece of jewelry has a distinct beauty that we love but we cannot help but feel partial towards some that look stunning and always stand out. This oval ruby and diamond ring definitely qualifies to fall in this category for its richness and grandeur. The most attractive and eye catching feature of this piece is the prominent oval shaped ruby that looks splendid and regal bathed in its rich red hue.

Oval Ruby and Round Diamond Border Ring The Halo Ruby Diamond Ring

This is one gem that has an aura of its own and try as we may we cannot ignore its immense appeal. The bold and beautiful color for one is something that has always made an impression and what used to be the love of the royals of yesteryears continues to capture our hearts even today and that is exactly what this oval shaped beauty does here. The shimmering border of diamonds that run all along the stone give it a brilliant border that also accentuates the lovely color of the red gem.

In a truly lavish style there are more sparkling diamonds that have been placed on the shanks that only add to the grandeur of this breathtaking piece. No matter what clothes you pair it with this is one piece that will never fail you and will always make an indelible impression. This magnificent ring has a timeless beauty and appeal that you must cherish.

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