The Knot of Love

Rings are always a perfect gift if you want the girl to fall in love with you. They are beautiful way of telling her how much you care and this is not something you are kidding about.

Round Ruby Knot Ring

This Round ruby knot ring is a mesmerizing piece of jewelry that can steal the heart of any girl. The design if this ring is similar to a Hercules knot. This knot is known to be strongest of the bonds. In ancient times brides used to wear a belt in their waist that would be tied with a Hercules knot. The belt so died was believed to signify a marriage that would bind the two people forever in the bond of love.

A round ruby at the center adds elegance to the whole ensemble. Crafted with great precision, this ring in 14K White Gold brings style and class together in an unbelievable fashion.

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