The Ruby Diamond Embrace Ring

Nothing can match the presence of a ring for no matter what other pieces of jewelry you wear just by donning this impressive variety you can make an impact. With this ruby and diamond split shank ring one thing is for certain; it will never go unnoticed. Not only does the piece flaunt one of the most stunning stones ever, a ravishing red ruby in an oval shape, but it also has a pair of twinkling diamonds that not only lend light and brilliance but also give a whole new appeal to this piece.


This three stone ring has a dash of contemporary allure that is very charming. What gives this classic variety a chic attractiveness is the split shanks that lend a whole new dimension to the piece making it look so very desirable. In fact we can say that it combines the very best of everything right from the stones to the style, the make as well as the metal; each element plays its part to perfection and gives us this gorgeous looking piece.

oval-ruby-and-diamond-split-shank-ring-hand oval-ruby-and-diamond-split-shank-ring-side-view

Each time you wear it you will be stunned at how lovely it looks no matter what clothes you pair it with. Perfect to make a lasting impression this is one piece that you can always opt for if you want to look your very best and make lasting impressions.

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