Three Stone Engagement Rings – makes the best engagement rings

Engagement ring is probably the most important jewelry, a ring that every girl would cherish for all her life. It is a bond that every girl dreams of since her childhood. For something that is so special and so important, there are obviously a variety of fancy designs that are available in the market, however, very few rings are as special as the ruby engagement rings.

The three stones in a three stone ring are symbolic of everything that you might want to gift your girl. Also known as trilogy or trinity rings, these three stone rings represent a couples past, present and future together. The underlying meaning of these rings makes them even more special.

Three Stone Ring Design Round-Ruby-and-Diamond-Three-Stone-Ring-in-Platinum-(6-mm)_SRW0386RH_Reg

Three – stone ring usually has three gemstones or diamonds in series. A classic ruby rings would have all the same stone for each of the three stones. However, any gemstone can be used. Using a gemstone for the center stone and diamonds on each side has become a popular trend these days.

Stone Shape

Oval, Round Brilliant Cut, and princess are the three most popular shapes in three stone rings. Other cuts such as emerald cut, marquise and trillion are also seen but not as often. You could even choose the shape keeping in mind the stone that you choose. Every stone has its unique attributes which can be highlighted by choosing the right shape. You could always ask your jeweler to guide you on this.

Stone Size

Three stone rings are usually of two types. One has all the three stones of same size; while the other has the two side stones of size slightly smaller than the center stone. A classic ring would have all same sized gemstones.

Stone Type

A classic three stone ring would be a three stone diamond ring with all the three diamonds of same shape preferably round. It is always possible to customize the ring as per your personal choice. Another popular style is with similar side stones and a different center stone. Sapphire and diamond combination would be the next most popular when it comes to these rings.

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