Twin Butterfly Ring

Have you seen two butterflies playing around in your orchard? Aren’t they truly mesmerizing. Without inhibitions, these are one of the most beautiful creations of nature.

Marquise Ruby and White Sapphire Butterfly Ring

This enchanting ruby and diamond ring is something that can flatter any girl. Whether it is some special occasion or some occasion that you want to make special, this ring is just the perfect gift.

Ruby and diamonds on the wings of the butterflies are marquise shaped. If you dig into the name and how this particular cut was discovered – a king ordered artisans to create a cut that would describe the beautiful eyes of the lady he loved and thus the name ‘marquise’.

All the gemstone and diamonds are prong set in this ring to best bring out their color and brilliance. 14K White Gold is super classy and makes this ring look all the more elegant.

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