Why to Buy Ruby Rings

The festive season is over and we are again back to work. I had a lot of fun and food and enjoyed my shopping for Christmas and New Year. But do we really need any reason to shop a sparkling bling like ruby ring? Of course not! Still if you think you need a reason to satisfy you random thoughts then I’ll give you plenty of them.

Imagine a ruby in the center of a diamond circle setting on a split shank. The time I imagined it I tempted to get a ruby ring of such a classic style. Ruby is the second hardest stone with 9 on hardness scale. It is the member of corundum mineral family and holds a high esteem among royalties, celebrities and jewelry lovers.

Sarahs Ring

It comes in many shades of red ranging from light to intense and deep red. Flawless rubies are very rare and expensive. Mostly rubies are heat treated to enhance their clarity and color. It is a very common practice and does not affect the stone’s quality.

The red color of ruby signifies passion, love and strength. It states intimate feelings of warmth and compassion. A ruby ring is a lovely present for engagement. The royal families from different parts of the world had different stories associated with ruby jewelry. Queen Victoria had a ruby and diamond heart ring with small rubies studded in the crown of the ring. It was her wedding gift from her half sister Feodora.

Oval Ruby and Diamond RingsMarquise and Round Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Similarly Queen Mary’s marquise shaped diamond ring with rubies was a gift from her father-in-law. Princess Anna and Princess Margaret had selected ruby engagement rings for their special day.

If you see in recent times, Jessica Simpson has selected a 5 carat ruby and diamond engagement ring. And when we are talking about ruby we can’t leave Elizabeth Taylor’s ruby and diamond ring from Richard Burton which holds a pigeon blood red ruby of 8.24 carat.

Ruby rings symbolize the passionate and powerful personality. The coming season will have many more designs in ruby rings. Twisted bands, vintage style or the classic ruby solitaire, in every way ruby rings will cast spell on wearers and watchers.

With so many reasons you must be thinking to pick a piece of such a graceful charm for you. I told you there are enormous reasons to pick a ruby bling!

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