Interesting Stats about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and shoppers are going to drop dollars on flowers, chocolates, gift cards, apparels, jewelry, luxurious dinners, and more. In America, the year 2014 saw total sales of 17 billion. Stepping into a much modern era with each passing year, 2015’s Valentine’s Day anticipates consumer spending to reach $18.9 billion (which is indeed a decent leap).


Here are a few interesting stats about and fun facts about Valentine’s Day.

  • Average Spending: Overall, an average person’s spending on Valentine’s Day including gifts, cards, and other things, is somewhere around 130.97 from last three-four years. However, this amount got a boost in 2014 with an absolute three percent and it was estimated to $133.91. According to a survey, this value is envisioned to increase a good 40 percent, making it around $175 or so, in 2015.
  • Men spend more: Since it’s a day more for women when they want to be treated like princess, men spend approximately three times more than women. The above average spending was actually dedicated to a man’s pocket, for expressing his love and popping out the question to his ladylove. Nonetheless, it is only $56.97 per woman.
  • Buying online: According to the latest consumer survey conducted for Prosper Insights & Analytics , one-fourth of the total shoppers will purchase gifts and goodies from online stores. Online shopping is a real fun and convenient activity.
  • Contribution of Jewelry Gifts: Though greeting cards, flowers, clothing, gift cards are most revered gifts, sparkling and precious jewelry like diamond and gemstone rings and necklaces have contributed tremendously towards Valentine’s sales. Jewelry purchases shared around $ 2 billion to the total spending, last year. It is inferred to rise up to 3.5 billion in 2015.
  • Expenditure on different gifts: February 14, 2015 will experience an astounding growth in sales. In 2014, 73% men bought flowers, 85% women bought greeting cards, and a total of 61.8% Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day. Further, 180 million cards were exchanged and 196 million roses were sold on the day. Candies and chocolates have been the most-purchased gifts of the day.
  • Poignant but true: 53% American women would end their relationship if they didn’t receive a gift on “V-Day.” What wonderful importance to gift-giving??
  • Singles Day:  They say that it’s a day for lovebirds; however, the ones who are single don’t need to be disheartened on February 14th.  You can show your appreciation to loved ones such as family members, friends, teachers, and co-workers. Americans even buy gifts for their pets, spending an average of $5.51.

Gift-giving is a meaningful way to acknowledge your sweethearts’ worth.  Buy something valuable this year and sweeten the romance between you and your loved ones. Share your thoughts on this.

Looking forward to greater numbers and figures this year!

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