Do’s for Perfect Outdoor Summer Wedding

Summers are considered best for outdoor weddings. You don’t have to restrict yourself to a limited space, you can be more creative with planning ideas and it is real fun to have outdoor candid photography.


If you have a summer wedding in plan, there are certain do’s that you should strictly follow. More often, things look small but they could create great difference when you don’t give proper attention. Here we have listed few of the common but mostly ignored or delayed wedding details.

You definitely don’t want to mess up your wedding photo shoot or want a perfect wedding that everyone will remember for years to come. Therefore, include these points in your planning list for sure.

Buy Your Wedding Rings in Advance

It has been seen a lot that couple keep wedding ring buying in the middle or in the end of their planning list. It is probably because they want to make sure that the budget decided is well distributed and if they need to cost cut at some point, it could be a ring. After all, the engagement ring is already there and it is lavish. Additionally, men are not very interested in wearing wedding bands. So buying rings of average or low value is considerable.


Don’t think it like this It is your wedding and only the rings will signify your lasting commitment for years to come. They deserve proper attention. Decide a budget for wedding bands and shop well in advance for it so that you can check the fitting and look. Consider certain points like personality and lifestyle when buying the bands.

Select Venue with Outdoor and Indoor Options


Summers means bugs, flies, high temperature and sudden rains. Unpredictable rains could be a trouble if you are not prepared. You definitely don’t want any of these ruin your wedding. Therefore, look for a venue with outdoor as well as indoor ceremony arrangements. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Keep the Bugs on Bay


If you really want everyone should focus on you then keeps those pesky mosquitoes away from them. Give your guests non-scented bug repellent or have citronella strategically placed for a fly free outdoor wedding ceremony.

Keep Your Guests Cool


Summers are hot and sweaty. No one wants to attend a summer wedding just to sweat through suits or sweat off the makeup. To combat the heat and keep them cool, let there be no dress code. suits are good but they are very annoying during a hot summer day. You can also provide paper fans, chill bottled water at regular intervals to guests, and treat them with cool lemonade before the ceremony.

Ensure there is enough shade to sit under. You can arrange seating under large trees or umbrellas if it is an outdoor ceremony.

And don’t forget to stuff the bathroom basket. Include mini deodorants, sunscreen blotters, bug spray, mints and other necessary stuff.

Fresh Petals


Whether it is your bouquet or his boutonniere, it could wilt over time. Avoid this by keeping a backup for his buttonhole and spritzing your bouquet periodically with cool water. Moreover, you should choose flowers that resist summer heat for longer. A spare shirt for the groom will be nice options to make him feel fresh before reception while the bride could have a touch up.

Enjoy Summers like Summers

You have selected the hot season for wedding so embrace it. Enjoy the signature moments of it – groom rolled up his sleeves, there is a lemonade and ice cream stand, and you have a dance party that goes until late evening or midnight.


Your wedding will definitely going to be perfect. And we would love to help you with perfect summer wedding planning. Whether you have questions about perfect wedding bands or wish to share more about summer celebration ideas, drop us a line in the comment section!

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