Top Wedding Band Ideas for Men

Its wedding season and online jewelry stores might be witnessing heavy traffic and sales on their wedding collection.  As we see a wide variety in women bridal jewelry, men’s shopping is focused more on dashing wedding bands. However, men’s wedding bands have seen a noteworthy shift with changing fashion trends. Modern men have expressed great fondness towards flashy and stone-studded statements. Thus, female partners are open to varied, smart options to choose for their fiancé. There is no more restricting your choices to traditional plain golden bands.

Here are top wedding band styles catering the needs of young and modern men.

Diamond’s Sparkle

Diamond Half Eternity Mens Wedding Band
Redefining jewelry to new standards, diamonds have become boys’ best friends too. Not only because they are their girl’s favorite, but men also love an understated sparkle on their metal bands. Either a sleek and continuous contour of dazzling white diamonds or single diamond in the center gratifies the tastes of men. The best-selling pieces include solitaire diamond wedding bands. Couples try selecting matching wedding bands for each other.

Studded Gemstones

Studded Gemstones-mens-wedding-bands
Colors not only confine to the world of women, but attract several men.  Vivid gemstones such as royal blue sapphires, bold rubies and fresh emeralds look striking on rugged fingers. Of course not in larger quantities, but these gemstones make for splendid masculine jewelry. In fact, gemstones have enjoyed a long and royal history as used in king’s swords and amulets.

Matte finish

Matte Finish Comfort Fit Mens Wedding Band
Though glossy finish is a time-honored metal finish in jewelry, matte finish is most celebrated at the moment. It looks subtle and classy, displaying with a superior quality. Milgrain design on the border of the band lets them cherish a vintage feel.

Tungsten and Platinum metals

Tungsten and Platinum metals mens Wedding Band
Tungsten and platinum metal bands are highly catching on in men’s wedding rings. Since men perform sturdy tasks, they should wear something very enduring and permanent. With platinum and tungsten metal choices, one can enjoy carefree fit and lasting shine as they list among top metals when measured on the standard scale of hardness. However, yellow gold and white gold are timeless preferences.

What are your favorite choices in men’s wedding bands? Please tell us some novel ideas of making wedding bands more appealing and stylish.

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